Flea markets are the best

It's cheap, good for the enviroment, unique, and the best thing about it: the things you find in there are the the most beautiful ever!

So yesterday, I went to one with my sister for the first time since long before Christmas. For 80 Swedish kronor, I got all these things!

Two pillowcases, one small bird to my collection, and a sugar bowl in the same style as a few other things I have!

A glass jug, and... wow, a very, very old abacus! When I showed my mum, she said her mum had had one when she was a child! So glad I found it!

A nice, green tablecloth.

And last but not least, this incredibly pretty skirt in yellow, green and blue! (It looks purple on the pictures...) It's gonna go very well with my new yellow blouse that I got from James, and a yellow cardigan that I have!

Spring, you're welcome!


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