Blogga från mobilen

Nog vet jag att jag inte skrivit här på några månader... Men idag testar jag att blogga från telefonen, och passar på att ladda upp bilder på flädersaften jag gjorde häromdagen!

Stockholm i känslor och bilder

Firstly: Yes, I am going to start writing my blog posts in Swedish again :/. But for those of you who needs translation, I am very soon going to add an option for you so that you will be able to understand! Until then, I will write a short translation in English, in the very end of the posts!

Nu har det gått över en vecka sen jag och Clara satt med stor förväntan och väntade på att Michael Bublé skulle entra scenen i Globen. Det var verkligen trevligt att uppleva detta med en vän som gillar denna jazziga, härliga pop lika mycket som jag!

Vi hade två jättemysiga dagar i huvustaden, då vi vandrade runt i mysiga affärer, drack kaffe, njöt av Gamla stans trånga gator, och lät våra kalla näsor värmas av vårsolen som då och då smög sig fram!

bild 1, Urban Outfitters.
2, 3, fika på Espresso House

Vi är laddade!!

Naturally 7 värmer upp som vanligt - njutbart att lyssna till sådan talang! :)

And here he is!!

Grymt bra, fantastiskt, super, och mycket skratt! En dos av glädje och nöje som vi båda verkligen behövde! :)

Vackra Stockholm!

Resan hem med Erica var också fantastiskt trevlig! Så otroligt mycket glädjetårar på vägen! :)

So, these are my pictures from my two days in Stockholm. Me and Clara very much enjoyed Michael Bublé. It was great going with someone who likes his music just as much as I do! We also walked around in the capital of Sweden, drank coffee and enjoyed lovely shops!

I am as happy as I can be

... coz on Wednesday, me and Clarah are going to see Michael Bublé in Stockholm!! His first concert in Sweden! It's been two years since I saw him for the first time, in Berlin. Read about it here (in Swedish). That was a magical experience for me. That's why I know Wednesday evening in Globen, Stockholm will be fantastic!

My life is full of travelling. Canary Islands, Exeter/Bournemouth/Bognor Regis and Stockholm in just a month! It's crazy, really. And so much fun.

Two favourites

Two of my favourite pictures from my week in England! <3

8 days in England!

Gothenburg - Exeter - Bournemouth - Bognor Regis - and back again! I've had a wonderful week and a great Easter weekend in England. Saw Exeter and my friends there for the first time in a year, and saw James and his family on Easter! <3 Here are some photos! (Psst! Isn't England the most perfect place to go to in the spring? Everything start blooming earlier over there!)

A week in Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura!

Me and my sister went on holiday last week, just the two of us, to Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands! Wonderful. Relaxing, nice and warm, and a lot of fun! :) Take a look:

One year ago

One year ago, on the 7th March 2011, I had slept my first night in my new room.

I had had my first day at the Globe English Centre in Exeter.

I had walked along the river Exe.

And I had been to my first English pub and made some friends.

I miss it an awful lot nowadays. I don't know why, and I'm thinking about it so much. I just want to be there again, be who I was back then, have as many friends as I had then, go to a life group. I just want to have that feeling again. To live in that beautiful country, walk along those old houses, go to those small and cosy pubs, discover the most wonderful mansions and castles, and realise I actually LIVE here.

I can't wait to go there again in 3 weeks, to visit.

Happy happy

I have an idea, and I just can't wait to make it come true!! Exciting. I love spontaneity (when that happens to me, hehe...)!

Btw. England last weekend was best ever. Partly because I won't need to wait long at all until I see him again. Only 9 days now :-O!!
Love is groovy at the moment! I'm doing lots of different things, and I have wonderful things to look forward to!
Take it easy, xx

A funny dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. And it was funny, coz everyone, including me spoke English. I was at my old school, in a classroom, 15 years old. And my teacher asked me to read something from a book (everyone had the same). So I started, but I had the sunlight from the window in my eyes, so I stopped quite a lot coz I couldn't see the words. The teacher got upset and said "You always want to be so different, right? Reading in that kind of way!" and then she let someone else read the rest. I interrupted her to explain, but she just accused me for lying.

Later on, we watched a film in the classroom, and I went to the toilet quickly. When I came back (we were sitting in a sofa, only 5 people or something) she said "where is your bracelet?" and I said: "what? I didn't have a bracelet!" she: "Stop lying to me!!"

A few minutes later , she went to the toilet to check, and found a bracelet, came back and said: "liar!". "But that bracelet is NOT mine!" I said. She still thought I was lying, and sat down in the sofa. I argued with her like a typical teenager, but said "Please, please, please Mrs!!!!!!" She then thought I was trying to act older than her and got even more upset. Suddenly, my classmate picked up new socks from her bag, and handed them to the teacher, and then a fiver to me: "here you are, stop arguing now!" The teacher went out of the classroom again, for just a few seconds, and when she came back she said: "it wasn't yours". And of course I knew that, so I told her a million times "I told you so!!!!!!!!!!" and then "can you believe in me now, please?!?!". She just muttered and the dream ended.

Also, in the middle of the dream, I woke up by a sound, and saw that I had knocked down the lamp by my bed! It didn't break, only the lampshade fell off. I must have hit that teacher or something? ;)

My first studio photos!

It's really cool being in the studio with Karin and Samuel. I'm learning a lot, and it's very nice. A few weeks ago, I practiced taking photos in the studio for the first time, after been reading and learning from Karin a lot. My first guinea pig was my mum :), and here's the result. She got the pictures for her birthday the other day!

Check out
the studio's website btw! :)

Spring fever

As a winter lover, it's weird to admit that I'm longing for spring now. But I do like spring a lot as well. Especially all the light, bright colours everywhere.

I haven't seen a crocus or a rosebud
Or a robin on the wing
But I feel so gay in a melancholy way
That it might as well be spring

- Frank Sinatra

Flea markets are the best

It's cheap, good for the enviroment, unique, and the best thing about it: the things you find in there are the the most beautiful ever!

So yesterday, I went to one with my sister for the first time since long before Christmas. For 80 Swedish kronor, I got all these things!

Two pillowcases, one small bird to my collection, and a sugar bowl in the same style as a few other things I have!

A glass jug, and... wow, a very, very old abacus! When I showed my mum, she said her mum had had one when she was a child! So glad I found it!

A nice, green tablecloth.

And last but not least, this incredibly pretty skirt in yellow, green and blue! (It looks purple on the pictures...) It's gonna go very well with my new yellow blouse that I got from James, and a yellow cardigan that I have!

Spring, you're welcome!

A great, great, great weekend

'I don't want to go home. Take me anywhere but home.'

Again, we part.

I hate goodbyes, but to focus on the positive things, my weekend's been absolutely wonderful. I had a great birthday: relaxing during the day, baking cakes for the party on the Saturday, and in the evening we went to a restaurant in Varberg, me and James, and spontaneously went to the cinema to see Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Just the fact that James was here on my 20th birthday made it perfect!

We also spent a part of the weekend watching 'Les Miserables' live concert, which almost brought me to tears, that's how beautiful it was. We hung out with family and cousins at the party, played boardgames and watched 'Usual Suspects'. We laughed our heads off, talked about life and had lots of cheesecake. I got wonderful presents from my family and James and his parents. Just to mention a few: a new camera, pretty clothes, jewellery and other things that is typical me!

2011 in pictures

While talking about last year, I might as well let you know in which ways it was wonderful. And speaking of wonderful - the first picture from last year, taken with my camera (not my phone) is this one, from the 2nd of March <3. At James' place (by then) in Southampton.

And actually. The year kinda started for me in March, when I went to Exeter in England, for 12 unforgettable weeks. Totally a memory for life.

March 2011

I went to live in wonderful, lovable Exeter. A life of fun pub nights, hanging out with friends at the language school, going on trips to stunning places like Agatha Christie's summer house. Feeding the swans by the quay, going to crazy costume parties with friends (me as a leopard on the picture) and finding an incredibly welcoming church where I got friends in Christ. (And much, much more)

April 2011

Went to Cheddar to taste, yes of course, cheddar cheese. Also started to love fudge for the first time, in the small town Wells. Got to experience a bit of Wales where I visited three different castles. Started to get used to having lots of different host sisters and brothers. My friend Frida came to visit me, and we both got tattoos in Exeter! Could go to the beach as early as in APRIL (spring arrives earlier in England!). Visited Oxford and fell in love. Simone and Tom had become my best friends, and we helped Simone when she decided to move there.

May 2011

My last month in England. I saw a shark (basking shark) for the first time in my life! Mum and dad came to visit me for a few days. I saw a black swan. Started to count the days, met my lifegroup from church and had fish and chips by the sea. The last week I met lots of friends and my heart ached by the thought of having to leave.

June and July 2011

Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures from these months, because I didn't do much of interest. I worked most of the time, enjoyed the summer and hung out with friends to catch up the last three months.

August 2011

August became a month I'll never forget, because me and James officially became a couple on the 4th!

The other half of the year
passed by as an emotional rollercoaster for me. With James, I was as happy as I can be, without James (those weeks we were apart) my life was miserable.

We're still in a LDR, but I'm trying to get used to saying goodbye. I'm learning to stay happy although I can't be with him when I want to. And the weekends we have together are definitely worth the wait, and they give me wonderful memories to live on during the weeks without him.

I love him so much, and I can't believe that I get to be this lucky. I've experienced love that has brought me to tears of happiness, and that still happens.

A new year, a new update!

I'm back. I'm back! :)

It's been 39 days since I wrote something here, and I've kinda missed it in a way, but it's also been very nice to just relax and not having to feel pressure to update it all the time. But now I feel like writing again, and I hope I'll be able to do a good job!

Christmas was great. I love celebrating the best time of the year with my big family, food, Christmas music and a nice atmosphere. The kids are running around waiting for Father Christmas to come (he comes in the afternoon here in Sweden, weird, I know...), and everyone's in a happy mood.

An even more exciting thing that happened in the end of last year, was celebrating New Years abroad for the first time in my life! And in the wonderful city LONDON, with the best person I know. James McEwan. We watched the fireworks of course, and that was incredible. The best New Year's Eve I've had (so far?), defo.

And suddenly it was 2012. Just like that.

It always feels good to enter a new year. A fresh start with lots of new things to look forward to, but also surprises and maybe things I want to know about the future, but that only God knows.

There are a few things that has happened since last year, already.

I'm not longer working at the school as a student's assistant, which is quite a big change. I've gone from having a job, to not have a real job (yet!), but to study! And it's not even at a uni or anything. I'm at my sister-in-law's photo studio, learning to photograph! She's my teacher, and I'm learning by being her assistant, getting different challenging tasks, reading her books and practising! It is so much fun, and I've learnt SO much during my first 2 weeks! Just being there is inspiring! :)

So apart from an inspiring, fun spring ahead of me, I've also planned
- to turn 20 next week! (!!!!!)
- to see Michael Bublé with my friend Clara in Stockholm in April! (second time!!)
- to go to Edinburgh with James and his family in June! (first time in Scotland!)

Doesn't that sound great? And it's only January!

This blog... Hm...

I know I'm not a good blogger at the moment..

A few reasons why:
- I'm a bit lazy
- I'm working and usually very tired when I get home
- I don't have anything in particular to write about right now
- Not much inspiration

Maybe I'll let the blog be for a while. And come back when I feel I really have something to offer? :)

See ya!

April come she will

I'm SO freaking excited about THIS that I just bought tickets for! Me and my friend Clara are going, and I can't wait! It will be around 2 years since I last saw him, in Berlin. An experience I'll never forget! :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We're starting to decorate for  the first of Advent the upcoming weekend! :) I thought I would like to give you not only some pics, but also my list of favourite Christmas songs! Enjoy!

Favourite Christmas

I like it!

The last couple of days

The other day, the sky was so incredibly beautiful. It felt like I was in a fairytale, and that the world had become spellbound.

Yesterday was the first day I wore these velvet shorts that I bought in London. They are so comfortable, and so lovely. Love them!

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