Why would we ever choose to remain unmoved?

A friend of mine from The States wrote this once. It's just a part of the poem, and it's really true what it says!

(...) The people which come into our lives indeed mean everything
And so often with teary eyes, we say our goodbyes
A quick "farewell" and then get on with our lives
Life as usual, or perhaps
something close
But "life as usual" is nothing at all, really
It certainly doesn't appeal to me
For what is usual about this thing we call life
And why would we ever choose to remain unmoved?
No, I propose something greater is required
I propose that we not remain unmoved
But with each person who enters into our lives
Something should change inside
And we should give ourselves, a piece of our lives
Or maybe even more as we say our goodbyes
With tears in our eyes


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