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I started to work in the shop last week, and I'm now working full days. It's good to get some routines, but this annoying cold I've got makes everything harder. I'm coughing, snuffling and have less energy than usual. But hopefully I'll get better soon.

I'm still alone at home, but I have to admit that I don't really enjoy it anymore. I'm running out of ideas for what to cook for one person, and I'm rather lonely to be honest. I'm looking forward to Saturday, when mum and dad will be home again and everything will be back to normal!

When I get some energy back, I'll sit down and pick out which photos from England to develop and put in an album. It'll be fun to look through the photos again. Remember everything with joy! :)

I think I need fresh air and some cold home made elderflower cordial now!

Bye for now!

Postat av: Christina

It's amazing to visit other country's, but Sweden is so far the best place !

Längtar också efter dig

2011-06-30 @ 11:03:58

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