I started my new job yesterday! Three days of planning this week, before the students come back on Monday. That's when the real thing starts. I'll be working as a student's assistant and helping out with a group of children who need extra help. It will be nice, inspiring and challenging to start a new job, and I'll hopefully know if I want to study the teacher program next year, or not. Maybe I'll go for the psychology program, if I'm accepted next year.

So, I'm quite tired these days, seeing as I'm not used to getting up early. It's really good to have started working again tho, to have something to do during the days!

When I'm not working, I'm spending most of my time with James. He'll be here for another 1,5 weeks, and after that, we'll start going back and forth to visit each other. I booked the first two flights yesterday! :)

Well, that was a short update about what's happening!


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