Rörö - forever staying in my heart

Today, I went with mum and dad to an island called Rörö outside of Gothenburg. This place is very special to my family. During one period of time, my family went there almost every summer for 15 years, hired a small cabin and stayed for a week or so. And now, we haven't been there since I was 13 or something. Just had to go back, at least for one day!

So many memories coming back, so many nostalgic thoughts, and so much beauty on this island.

A very beautiful place in Sweden, on the best coast.

The cabin we used to borrow/live in during many years (a bit more renovated now tho). When we went back home today, we kinda agreed to go back next summer for at least a week or so. We just love this place too much to resist!

And some nostalgic places for me:

Postat av: Christina

Åh! Underbara bilder! En fantastisk dag på "vår" ö Rörö:-D

Vill absolut tillbaka!!!

2011-08-03 @ 09:21:25
Postat av: Olivia

JA! :D Underbara Rörö!

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