A great, great, great weekend

'I don't want to go home. Take me anywhere but home.'

Again, we part.

I hate goodbyes, but to focus on the positive things, my weekend's been absolutely wonderful. I had a great birthday: relaxing during the day, baking cakes for the party on the Saturday, and in the evening we went to a restaurant in Varberg, me and James, and spontaneously went to the cinema to see Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Just the fact that James was here on my 20th birthday made it perfect!

We also spent a part of the weekend watching 'Les Miserables' live concert, which almost brought me to tears, that's how beautiful it was. We hung out with family and cousins at the party, played boardgames and watched 'Usual Suspects'. We laughed our heads off, talked about life and had lots of cheesecake. I got wonderful presents from my family and James and his parents. Just to mention a few: a new camera, pretty clothes, jewellery and other things that is typical me!


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