Pros and cons

I thought about making a list of pros and cons about my stay here in Exeter/England. Spontaneously, I would guess there'll be more pros than cons. Let's see!

- Firstly, I'm in England!! :)
- I get to see a lot of places outside of Exeter
- To live in a hostfamily is better than to have hotel service; having breakfast and dinner served, the bed made and the laundry done!
- I get to meet new people every week, since there are new students coming to school every Monday
- Exeter is a very nice city that has everything: a city centre, a river with a quay, a castle with gardens, shopping malls, a beautiful cathedral, and a lot more things
- The lessons in school are great. The teachers are so nice, and I learn a lot every day!
- I have the chance to drink tea in The Tea Country every day!
- The church I've found is just amazing, and the life group is very worthwhile!
- I learn a lot about different countries, since all the students are from different parts of the world
- I learn a lot about myself and get more and more independent while I'm here
- I meet my friends often, and we do all kinds of crazy or uncrazy things!

- I like walking, but when it's raining, I don't really feel like walking 25 minutes to school, and then back
- I know people too little to be able to just run into their arms and give them a hug, as I'm used to..
- There are two different taps with hot and cold water in every bathroom (a bit annoying)
- I miss my friends sometimes
- I don't tell myself that I need to go to bed in time, like now! (= sometimes deadly tired in the morning)
- I can be a bit tired of having sandwiches in my lunchbox every day.
- No good sweets... and no salt liquorice.
- I eat crisps every day. Before, I usually ate it just once a month.

That's it, I think! :)

Sunday evening

Yesterday, after a good Sunday service, we went to Harvester pub - a few people from church. Here are some pics! Enjoy!

From the left: Don't remember his name... Lu, Hannah, Scott and Gareth

Scott is blurry, Gareth is listening.

Normal Jessica and crazy Jessica.

Ben, Jenna, Abbey and me.

Time for reading

I'm just so amazed by the magnificent weather we have. No rain... is this really England? ;) Not disappointed at least!

But first, yesterday. James came to visit during the day, and we had a great time. We expected rain since the weather forecast said so, but it was quite hot, and the sun came out a few times! We had lunch, walked through city centre and down to the river. Watched the swans and talked. A nice day, indeed!

Today, I've been productive! Even though I slept for quite a long time, I made my homework and wrote my essay (not really finished yet, some details left...). I took a walk down to the old bridge, sat down in the grass and opened my bible while I listened to music. Time for myself and God. Worthwhile! I read from Psalms and Acts, and I want to share something from Acts with you.

Peter fairly exploded with his good news: "It's God's own truth, nothing could be plainer: God plays no favorites! It makes no difference who you are or where you're from - if you want God and are ready to do as he says, the door is open. The Messade he sent to the children of Israel - that through Jesus Christ everything is being put together again - well, he's doing it everywhere, among everyone."
Acts. 10:34-36

Now, off to church! This is the day that God has made!

A trip to Lyme Regis - Jurassic Coast

This afternoon, me and some other people went to Lyme Regis, a pretty place located by the sea, along the coast called Jurassic Coast. (Check Google Maps). This place captured my heart. The sun and the 18 degrees helped a lot as well! It actually reminded me of my first visit in England - Brighton.

The Cobb - famous by the book and film "The French Lieutenant's Woman". (Never seen it, have you?)

Lovely, isn't it?

"...and I gaze beyond the (not at all) rain-drenched streets
to England, where my heart lies."

Low tide. And you can find fossils here! (I didn't search for any though)

This is the England that makes my soul sing and my heart melt into pieces.

Jungle pics!

So, I've got jungle pics from Tom! Which means I couldn't get my photos back, once they were deleted by mistake...

These were taken Wednesday this week. Enjoy!

Naotaka Mowgli in his tent

Ahmed The Tiger

Salvador The (pizza!) tree

Me The Leopard!

Susanne The Crazy Frog

Amélie The baby lion and Mowgli got a surprise: a cake with their names on, and a lot of presents (because they're leaving tomorrow! :()

The baby lion with her new presents!

The lion and the lamb leopard

Me and the zebra!

Cycling along the canal

STUPID me deleted all the pics from the jungle party and today's cycling tour by mistake. I'm trying out different programs to search through my hard drive. They may be there, somewhere. Otherwise, I'll upload some of Tom's pics from the jungle party.

Here are at least 2 from today. We went cycling along the canal, and the weather was soo beautiful! Just perfect! And hot! We stopped by an old, cosy pub at Double Locks and had some drinks before we went back. Good afternoon, indeed!

My every day music

When I'm here, I mostly listen to:

Mumford & Sons
She&Him (the song starts around 1:20)
Eliza Doolittle

Advertising coffee

Oh, I just found pictures of me on Don't Blink/Fotograf Karin Linde's website. In the end of February I was advertising coffee for their coffee bar, which recently opened! And have a look on the rest of their cool website, it's def worth it!

A busy week to look forward to

Yesterday, I had a really good Sunday. It was really hot outside, and after lunch I went to see Simone at Caffè Nero. (Our place! :)). We had coffee and talked, and then we went to look in the shops on High Street. Just relaxing, enjoying the sunshine! Simone is just the best person to relax with. I like her a lot, and it'll be empty to not have her here until next week. She is going back to Switzerland tomorrow to organise things for her move here! (Yay!)

This is Gandy Street. A narrow street with small, nice shops! (I bought greeting cards with birds on... I don't know how many greeting cards I've bought now ;). Just love it!)

This is what we do 95% of the time we spend together, laughing! :)

We went to Northenhay Gardens and took some wierd photos :)

And now it's Monday again. Or, not anymore, when I look at the clock... Anyway, I've got this week very busy already, and of course the plans for it are great! Tonight I've been to The Ship Inn (a pub) with the friends, always very pleasant! And, for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: School, Skype with Marie and in the evening: home group with church! My first time!
Wednesday: School and then this week's theme party: Jungle Party (we have these sort of parties every week now, haha). I'm not going to reveal what sort of animal I'm going to be ;) You'll see!
Thursday: School, cycling along the canal!
Friday: School, and then going to Jurassic Coast - Lyme Regis. A pretty seaside town with a good beach for finding fossils ;). Museums, shops and cafés.
Saturday: James is coming to visit me from Southampton during the day! It'll be a lot of fun! :)
Sunday: Church in the eve.

This is my THIRD week. Time flies, and I want it to slow down a bit. I just love it here. Love it.

Things I've bought recently

New shoes, I love them! :)

And everyone should know about my passion for earrings by now... ;) and dotted things. And bows..

A new pair of trousers - very comfortable, and a jeans top!

And of course some owls. My new passion: BIRDS :D

The Smurf Party

Yesterday, we went to a Smurf Party at Bianca's place. Bianca and Amélie had planned this for a while, and we all were dressed up as different Smurfs! I was a Bird Smurf, Simone was the Flower Smurf, Bianca the Cook Smurf and Amélie The Postman Smurf! The other ones were just random Smurfs :)

It was a fun and crazy party with lots of laughter!

Arabic lunch and Swedish dessert

Yesterday turned out to be some kind of International Day at school! Not planned to be :) At lunch, we all tasted some Arabic food - which was good! And then I made Swedish cinnamon buns for everyone! They were very much appreciated, and it was fun to try to do it in another country!

Photo: Amélie

Photo: Amélie

Mum, they insisted I would make them again some other time, and Susanne liked them so much that she wants the recipe! :) Thanks to you!


Two days ago we had the pub night that we now have every week.

Photo: Tom

Photo: Simone

(eeh... that's a try to be cool...)

New facts! ;)

I've actually been slightly healthier since I arrived to Exeter! Not that I was very unhealthy before, but anyway. I eat more vegetables and salad, and I walk everywhere. I walk at least 1 hour per day. Often more than that! :) I really think I need it...

So, things I've noticed and learnt about England so far, is:
-That the people love 'baked beans' (uuuh.. disgusting!)
-That they don't know how to handle snow, at all (this, I've been told). When it starts to snow, schools shut down, and everything just stops.
-The English people love to talk about the weather, and have too many words for rain (of course).
-A pub is more like a meeting place than another good reason to be drunk (not as in Sweden, that is). You may see drunk people, but if you compare to Sweden, this is different. If you want, you can sit just down and talk here in England!
-The church I attend is from the beginning a pub where Gordon Sumner (Sting) played once!
-Chris Martin (the singer in Coldplay) is born here in Exeter!

And probably more, that I forgot..

These are pictures from yesterday, when me and Simone went to the pub "The Hour Glass". Such a nice place!

Sweets and gardens

I took a walk this afternoon, bought some sweets and continued to Northenhay Gardens. Pretty, isn't it? (Although the sweets were a bit of a disappointment. But they can't be good at everything, can they? I reckon delicious tea and tasty scones is enough :D)

And some more pictures of the quay again, a few hours later!

Tonight, I went to the Riverside Church here in Exeter. It was wonderful! How welcoming and nice everyone were! I really enjoyed the service and the worship. And I was feeling at home. Amazing how God connects people, isn't it? I am from Sweden, they are from England. Still, it feels like a family, that we have something very important in common - which is true! It doesn't matter where you are in the world. In Christ, we are all brothers and sisters! So, I am already going to one of their events. A Jane Austen night on Saturday! ;)

I have the time of my life.


Btw, I listen to this kind of music on sunny days! It gets me in the right mood!

Tea and the quay on a sunny Sunday!

Today was a LOVELY day. The sun was shining and I didn't even need my jacket. And it's just my first week! Imagine how wonderful May will be then!

Around 11am I went to meet the friends at Tea on Green by the cathedral. They had English breakfast and I had tea, since I'd had breakfast before. A very good start of the day!

Simone, what are you doing? ;)

Amélie. THIS should be your new profile picture on Facebook! :) Cool girl!

The Cathedral

After the breakfast, we went down to the quay. I hadn't been there until now. Look! And it's just a 10 minutes walk from where I live! On sunny days, I'll be around here a lot. Want to join me, anyone? Come to Exeter!

In the footsteps of Agatha Christie

Today, we went to Greenway (Agatha Christie's house and gardens) and Dartmouth. Me, Bianca, Susanne, Helena and 9 other students. We jumped on a tour bus where Toby was the driver, and started our trip. Our first stop wasn't a part of the tour, but Toby wanted to show us anyway, which made me happy. A castle owned by the earl of Devon. The family still lives there, and the grandson is about to inheriting it. Look at this:

And then, Greenway. This is where Agatha Christie spent most of her summers, until she died 1976. (She was originally born in Torquay.) The amazing thing about the house is that all the furniture and every little thing is original. The house was given to the National Trust when Agatha died, and nothing has been restored. Everything is just how it used to be when the authoress lived there.

We went into the house (unfortunately we couldn't take any pictures) and I was completely speechless. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. And the gardens were just stunning. We came a bit early in the spring though. The trees and bushes were just about to start blooming.

Me and Bianca

My new Korean friend Christine!

And finally, we went to Dartmouth. A pretty harbour town with cute and colourful houses!

We had to take a ferry over the river to get from Kingswear to Dartmouth! :)


And as a top-notch finish, we went to "The Singing Kettle", a tea room which Toby recommended, and had the most wonderful and delicious cream tea I've ever tasted. And the scones were just too good to belong to this world. WOW. And look at this:



Today I went to Dartmoor. It was absolutely stunning!

First, a stop in Dunsford where the daffodils were growing everywhere!

And Dartmoor! No growing trees, very bleak but quite amazing!

We stopped by the famous bar Wanner Inn and I had hot chocolate. Look at the clock! The time is 15.25! And it's going backwards ;)

Wild horses!

And me at the Postbridge. I'm almost invisible in this picture ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to Dartmouth and Agatha Christie's house!


Yesterday, I hanged out with Amélie. We went down the street to buy some ingredients to make crêpes batter for today's Baguette Party (a French party with crêpes and baguettes) in the lounge. Bianca from Milan helped her while I did my homeworks. The idea of making crêpes to everyone at lunchtime was a brilliant idea. People really appreciated it, and the crêpes tasted soo good with Nutella :) Thanks Amélie! I'm considering baking some Swedish cinnamon buns one day!

The lounge

This is Salvador from Spain and Naotaka from Japan!

After being with Amélie and Bianca, I went to Caffè Nero with Simone. Mmmm, that latte tasted really good. We had a great afternoon. I'm so sad she is leaving next week! But hopefully she's moving to Exeter while I'm still here. She is searching for a flat and a job! :)

In the evening I went to Bianca's place to watch Milan-Tottenham. Yes, I actually watched the match. Surprising. But with good company, I'm up for anything! :)

Tomorrow I'll have new pictures. The school is arranging a trip på Dartmoor, which I've heard is a beautiful place! Look forward to it!

School and Exeter


My classmates and teachers

The garden. Today was a lovely day.

Amélie from Paris!

The lounge!

St David's Hill. The school is up the hill and to the left.

City centre

The river

Pub night

Here are some pictures from the pub night yesterday.

This is Simone from Switzerland! We're classmates.

Tom and Simone.

The pub is a church reconstructed.

Simone and me and the Arabian guys in the background ;)

My first buy

Couldn't resist this dress today. I was on my way home and saw a very cute shop, where I had to go in. And I ended up buying this... it's just been 3 days and I'm already buying clothes!

First day of school

Ok, so I decided to write in English, since I want my English-speaking friends to understand, and I guess most of the Swedes understand English as well.

Today, I've been to school for the first time! It started with a test, including 4 papers of grammar and an interview. My level turned out to be advanced, and I got my timetable for the next three months. I'm going to have two classes per day, one grammar class and one skills class (which briefly means communication). In my class there are 4 students with me included. Luxury, isn't it? :). Although, so far there are no students in my age. They are all much older than me (and they are nice), but I hope to meet some other people soon! I really hope to make some friends when I go to visit a church nearby on Sunday. The teachers are wonderful (so far! ;)), and the school is nice and small.

So I'll have short days in school, 9.00-12.30. I'm planning to do a lot of the activites on the social programme in school though. I've already signed up for the Saturday excursion to Dartmouth and Grennway this week. Just read to the decription of the event: "Agatha Christie's House overlooks the beautiful Dart Estuary and Dartmouth is a pretty harbour town nearby". I look forward to it! And tonight at 8pm we're going to a pub.

This can't be anything but cool and exciting, right? So far, it seems good! :) And, after school today, I took a walk in the sunny weather to buy myself a note book. So I managed to find city centre from where I came, and I found the Exeter Cathedral appearing right next to me. Totally amazing. When I saw that, I knew I was going to love this place. All kind of people were sitting in front of it, in the sun, eating or just chatting. Definitely a place to return to. And I also took a walk along High Street, which seems like the big shopping street here. And yes, I could have walked there all day long. Another day... There will be time for that, I'm sure! :)

I've done my first homework, and I'm soon ready for dinner before I go to the pub. Btw, I will take some pictures of the school tomorrow. Don't worry!

Ankomsten till Exeter

Mina vänner! Nu är jag i Exeter!

Mrs Brant, som jag kommer att bo hos, kom och hämtade mig på stationen 12.45, och jag fick för första gången åka i en engelsk bil, mitt i engelsk trafik... Ganska läbbigt, men kul! Huset jag bor har tre våningar. Det är alltså stort, men ser smalt ut från utsidan! Mitt rum är trevligt, om än lite avskalat. Sängen är otroligt bekväm!

Eftermiddagen gick åt till att packa upp, och konversera med min "hostess". Hon är väldigt trevlig och social. Hon har ett stort intresse för hundar, och då i synnerhet greyhound, vilket syns i alla hennes prylar och pinaler i hemmet. Givetvis äger hon en också, Nipper, som bor i en inhägnad på innergården. Tillsammans med hennes färggranna, skrikglada fågel Jack, som bor i köket, så utgör dessa hennes husdjur. Och så är hon också mycket omtänksam. Hon serverar maten på bordet och kommer sköta all tvätt. Fantastiskt!

Förutom jag, är det faktiskt två andra tjejer som bor här. De är 16 och 14 år och går juniorprogrammet på samma skola som jag ska börja imorgon. Jag har inte hunnit bekanta mig mycket med dem, men de är ganska tysta.

Efter att ha packat upp och vilat mig lite i den sköna sängen, så gick jag ner för att fråga Mrs Brant om någon trevlig promenadsträcka att döda tid med. Självklart vill jag ju passa på att utforska stället också! Hon förklarade att det var jättelätt och smidigt att promenera till city centre, och att det rinner en flod genom Exeter som är trevligt att promenera vid. Så ut gick jag, med kameran i högsta hugg, andades in den friska luften och bara njöt. Mycket riktigt så tog det inte lång tid att ta sig in till "city". Det tog ungefär 15 minuter, och man kan gå två olika vägar över två broar för att komma till olika delar av centrum. Jag gick lite kors och tvärs och hann i alla fall få en känsla av staden. Imorgon får jag se en del ovanför city centre, där skolan ligger. Mrs Brant ska köra mig dit och därmed visa vägen jag ska gå varje dag. Att gå till skolan kommer ta ca 25 minuter. Jag ser verkligen fram emot imorgon!

Mitt rum! Två sängar har jag ;)

En del av Exeter!

Kyrkan jag funderar på att besöka på söndag! :) 10 minuter härifrån!

Det var allt för idag. Mera får ni veta när jag varit i skolan imorgon!

English speaking friends... would you like to use Google Translate please? I'll try to translate most of the posts I'm going to publish in the future.


Through the window of my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain-drenched streets
To England, where my heart lies

Äventyret kan börja!


...åker jag vidare till Exeter, målet med denna resa. Där ska jag gå i skola och plugga engelska med människor från många andra delar av världen, gå på teater, åka på utflykter, dricka te och massa annat skoj. Skolan anordnar nämligen ett aktivitetsprogram som innehåller massor av olika grejor att hitta på i veckan, om man vill! Jag hoppas på att ta trevliga promenader, sitta ute i solen, få nya vänner, leva livet och skaffa en brittisk dialekt!

Här i Southampton har vädret verkligen varit att föredra, framför Sverige menar jag. Många av dagarna jag har tillbringat här har varit soliga och till och med lite ljumma! Vantarna åkte av, och faktiskt mössan också. Men kvällarna är lika kalla som hemma ungefär. En sak är då säker, våren är på väg!

Mina dagar här skulle jag vilja summera i ett ord: Kvalitetstid. För det är verkligen det jag och Jakob fått! Kvalitets-syskontid! Vi har lagat mat, tittat på film och serier, spelat spel, gått på stan och gått på bio. Hur mysigt låter inte det? Och vi hade inte ens behövt göra allt det där... När jag är här räcker det att bara hänga liksom. Inga krav. Underbart!

Här är de tre första bilderna från England, från kvällen då vi spelade spel hemma hos James. Fv: Alex, James, Carcassonne. (Bilden jag fick på Jakob hade dålig skärpa, men han var också med!)

A few pictures I took a few days ago when we played board games.
Alex, James, Carcassonne

Tomorrow, I'm going to Exeter! While I'm there, I'm going to study English with students from all over world, go to the theatre, excursions, drink tea and other things. A social programme is included, so the school arranges things to do every day if you want.

Here in Southampton, the weather is different from Sweden. The grass is green, the sun is shining, and some days it's been quite warm! The evenings are cold though. The spring is on it's way, at least! :)

These days have been fun, I've got so much time with my brother. We've been cooking, watching films and tv series, playing board games and going to the cinema. I just love how me and Jakob want things relaxed and easy. No demands.


Igår kväll anlände jag till Southampton efter en mycket lyckad resa hit. Jakob mötte mig vid stationen och mötet var efterlängtat må jag säga! Stackars Maja hade blivit förkyld, men trevligt nog så spenderade hon mestadels av kvällen med oss ändå. Jag och Jakob hade handlat tacos på väg hem från stationen, så vi frossade i det innan James kom förbi och sällskapade med oss vid "Crazy Heart". Helt okej film. Inte jättebra, men lite fin. Musiken var grym! :)

I förmiddags tog vi det väldigt lugnt och åt en sen frukost framför datorerna. Så där Jakob-igt! :) Maja stannade i sängen medan jag, Jakob och James tog en fullsmockad buss till West Quay. (Centrum här). Där inhandlade jag ett engelskt simkort (och fick det att funka efter att ha fått jailbreaka och fixa lite med iPhonen, som visade sig vara låst till Telia...), så numera äger jag ett lite extra långt nummer. Bra start på äventyret i England! Vi gick runt i affärer och gjorde ingenting, åt på Pizza Hut och ersatte bussresan hem med en rejäl promenad istället.

Lite senare ska vi gå till James som inte bor så långt härifrån, och spela spel. Det är verkligen skönt att ta dagen som den kommer här, för på söndag åker jag till Exeter, och på måndag börjar skolan för mig. Det kommer innebära massor av nya intryck, så en mellanlandning hos Jakob och Maja känns helt perfekt. Plus att det är trevligt att träffa dem SÅKLART!

Och förresten. Igår fick jag veta vem/vilka jag ska bo hos under min tid i Exeter. En icke-rökande, omtänksam gammal dam som gillar hundar ;) Hon bor inte långt ifrån skolan heller, och kommer att möta mig på stationen på söndag. Spännande, indeed!

I've safely arrived to Southampton, met Jakob and Maja and is taking it very easy. Yesterday we watched "Crazy Heart" with James, and today we've been to city centre. We had lunch at Pizza Hut and I bought a sim card for my phone . So now I've got an English phone number! I really enjoy being here, cause when I go to Exeter on Sunday, there will be a lot of new things for me, with school and everything. So things are just perfect. I enjoy every moment.

Tonight we're going to James's place to play board games.

And. I've now got information about the family where I am going to live during my time in Exeter. An old lady who likes dogs ;) She'll meet me at the train station. Exciting!