I love.

I am the luckiest in the world (happy? yes!)

I found the most wonderful things today. Me and my mum went to a marketplace and two flea markets, and I returned home with the biggest smile on my face. Take a look at some of the things I found:

Exactly what I needed for my old magazines!

LOOK!! For 75 kronor! I just love it!

And finally, this beauty. For only 100 kronor. Speechless.

The tree and me

It started out as an awful morning, in several ways. You know, it was that kind of day that you just want to sleep through, because you know you'll just want it to end as soon as possible anyway. A day starting with a bad feeling.

So, I was standing there, in the bathroom, unwillingly doing my hair and my make-up, getting ready for work, when this picture came to my mind. A tree. A thin, weak tree. With no leaves, and no branches. It didn't seem like a very strong tree at all, from what I could see.

But the roots were strong and fresh. The roots, the life of the tree. Big and living.

And as I saw this picture, I saw myself in it.

Have you ever heard of being faith challenged as a Christian? If not, listen now: There are times when you meet people or circumstances in where you feel your faith is being challenged. You're suddenly in the middle of discussions, arguments, people questioning your beliefs, or just a situation where you need to explain the simple fact that you believe in God, where you need to stand up for what you believe. It's hard, but it's good. It strengthens you and draws you closer to God.

I am not going to tell you in what way I felt challenged in my faith, but in my prayer this morning, in the bathroom, I felt my roots. My roots are found in God. Strong and fresh. It was such an amazing feeling. It was like God said to me: "It doesn't matter how weak you seem, how sad or depressed things will make you, because you have strong and fresh roots, planted by me, in me."

Wow. This is my God.

If you want, listen this song that I thought about while writing this.

My new favourite things

Today was a really happy day. I bought the type of sunglasses I've been looking for for months, and that I finally found last week in a vintage shop in Varberg. I asked the woman to keep them for me until today, when they became mine. Together with the right outift, I'll wear them, but the fact that I own them is enough! :)

And then I couldn't resist the singoalla blouse in black, from the late 60's (never worn!!). It's wonderful. Fits perfectly, and I just love it.

Just needed you to know!

Two days with Rahel

My friend Rahel from Switzerland came to visit me from Tuesday to Thursday. We went to the sea, had fika, went tea testing at my sister-in-law Karin's place and walked around in Varberg - in the shops and by the sea!


Photo: Maja


Hair bow

Almost managed to do a bow in my hair today. I need a lot more practice tho!

I don't know who I am, but I know that I am yours

Yesterday, I went to my first Håkan Hellström concert. I've only liked him for a year, before that, I didn't like him at all. A year ago, I couldn't believe this hysteria around him. I'm not saying that I understand it now either, but I do like his lyrics. He really has the ability to write songs.

We met Cecilia, Fanny and David before the concert!

Despite that my back and legs hurt because of the many hours just standing, waiting, Håkan was really good live. So enthusiastic, so energetic, and the audience was crazy and knew every song. It was like a big party! He didn't play my real favourites tho, but some that I really like. All of his songs were so much better live, and I got some new favourites because of that.

Great eve!

Hi summer, I wish we could spend more time together

Oh happy day

Happiness. Real happiness. This joy. And you should know that while I'm saying this, I have fever and a very sore throat. Still, I'm so happy. Isn't it wonderful?

My plans, as soon as I'm feeling better, are to continue working, going to the Håkan Hellström concert on Friday, and... hopefully, to let my friend Rahel from Switzerland stay here for a few days next week! I really hope she will. Would be great!

I'd love to upload some pictures here now, but our network is really slow at the moment, and I just can't. It will be fixed soon though!

Will be back soon with pictures!


I am so sorry I haven't updated my blog recently. I seriously don't have much to say. I'm working almost everyday, and when I'm not, I'm enjoying the sunshine! Hope to upload some photos soon, or tell something interesting! :)

There's a chinese family in our bathroom

I just need to watch '500 days of Summer' again, soon.

Love it

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel.