The quote of the week

This is one of my favourite quotes, and it's also the quote of the week:

Rhett Butler:
No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.

Gone with the Wind (1939)

This is Canada!

Beautiful, isn't it? This is a place called Golden Ears, not far from where we live here in Surrey, BC. I have lots of pictures to show, so this is just a start!


Sorry for no updating. I am in beautiful British Columbia, Surrey, in Canada. I'm having so much fun. Don't have time to update the blog. Ok? But I'm taking sooo many pictures, so be prepared for that!


Zooey Deschanel ftw.


I am tired. Calm music, peace and quiet, that's all I want right now. Watch movies, have a talk with a best friend.

And I think that's an evening I'll get tonight when sweet Emmie will visit me. She'll stay until tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to meet her.

Nice music for today:


I write soon again!

I bring Michael Bublé to Canada.

Wow, I just got my longed-for biography of Michael Bublé, my favourite! It seems wonderful, and I want to start reading it immediately! I think this is the book I'll bring to Canada. What could be a better book to bring than a biography of the canadian crooner?

Countdown: 7 days!!

I am so looking forward to it, and I just started packing.

Today I've been working, as I will do tomorrow and on Saturday too. After that, I am free until I'm leaving the country! And tonight I talked to mum and dad on Skype. They are at the moment on Honolulu - that's so awesome. They've been in Boston and will go to New York later, before they're returning home. Super cool trip, I must say.

So, don't know if you can expect any nice photos before I go. You'll have to look forward to more when I get back, then!

Take care!


I've been walking around all day,
I think I have a problem,
I think I think too much.
I've been taught to hold back my tears,
And avoid them.
But you make pain into something I could touch.

I've been walking around all day,
I think I'd be better off without you here.
And I bet you're sweet and hard to get over.
So I'll cry and people will stop and stare.
Now that's okay.
Let them stop and stare.

Cause I am fragile.
I am hopeless.
I'm not perfect.
But I am free.

I've been walking around all day,
And waiting is all I seem to do.
Cause I never get it unless I'm fed it.
But this time i'll just have to.
Yeah this time i'll just have to.

Baptize my mind

Baptize my mind
For a seed to give birth to life
First it must die

Friends, the ordinary life, Karate Kid

I feel such love for my friends. Can't help it. When I love my friends, I want them to really know that, not just "hey, you're nice". I want to say that I love them, in a proper, right way, like friends. Would they understand? People are complicated sometimes.

Well, ordinary life is nice right now. I am alone in this house for almost two weeks. Mum and dad went to The States two days ago, and will be there for three weeks. But after two, I am going to Canada. So we won't see each other for four whole weeks! That's a lot, but I like to be on my own sometimes, thats nice.

Tonight I went to the cinema with two of my friends to see Karate Kid. Quite good movie, at least cute since Jaden Smith plays in it!

Now I have 4 (!!!!) days off from work! After that, I work three days. Then, it's less than a week left before I'm leaving for Canada! :D

Good night.

Love it

The Smiths

The Smiths is pretty good. Especially this song.

Dreaming in different ways

Yesterday, I took a walk. I love taking walks just by myself, in silence, listening to the sound of the nature, dreaming, philosophizing, breathing. And when I walked there, on the long dirt road that lead from the forest between the fields, I nearly started to cry. Don't ask me why, cause I don't know. If it was of the beauty or my mood at that moment, I don't know. But I really do believe that the nature helps healing your soul, cause it's a wonderful masterpiece made by God.

The nature is so magical. I don't think there ever will be any human being who can reach that beauty that the nature holds. It doesn't matter who it is. I don't believe there will be any to compare.

The problem is, when I'm walking, watching all the beautiful houses, dreaming of having my own one day, I get so sad at the same time. Cause whatever it is I'm dreaming about, if I one day get it, I'll be used to it. Or am I wrong? If I get a house or a nice place somewhere, I'll soon be used to it, and then stop dreaming about it. Now, when I am here, 18 years old, I can still dream of all that.

That's the difference between dreaming of actual things and the things that just exist in your head, in your mind. Like an image of something, situations, experiences.... The actual things, you'll one day get used to, but the things that just exist in your head, you can dream of all your life. Just get into your bubble and dream. The things you used to dream of is still there, I promise! Cause those things may not be reality, they'll may just stay in your head.

So let's dream of other things than actual things for a while.

The best soundtrack ever

Listen to this. You have to love it!!

[500] Days Of Summer - Music From The Motion Picture

Countdown Canada: 19 days

I just thought of Michael Bublé. I am actually going to his hometown, Vancouver, in barely three weeks. It's his hometown. That's something I forgot for a while. And, what more is, he is going to be there at that time! And, he is going to have a concert two days after I've arrived! I'm not going to it though. I am there for other reasons, and I don't have tickets to it. Cool anyways, isn't it?

I really have to get some facts about Canada and the west coast. Study, study. I talked to Eva today, Marie's mum (Marie is the reason I'm going, and I'm travelling with her parents). We talked about luggage, what to bring, the weather over there, the trip, yeah, just a few of those things. And we talked for an hour. Wierd. We have a lot more to talk about, later! I am very excited!

This is Vancouver! Wow!