April come she will

I'm SO freaking excited about THIS that I just bought tickets for! Me and my friend Clara are going, and I can't wait! It will be around 2 years since I last saw him, in Berlin. An experience I'll never forget! :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We're starting to decorate for  the first of Advent the upcoming weekend! :) I thought I would like to give you not only some pics, but also my list of favourite Christmas songs! Enjoy!

Favourite Christmas

I like it!

The last couple of days

The other day, the sky was so incredibly beautiful. It felt like I was in a fairytale, and that the world had become spellbound.

Yesterday was the first day I wore these velvet shorts that I bought in London. They are so comfortable, and so lovely. Love them!


I'm officially ready for Christmas! (Hm, am I not always ready? haha) Today, me and mum made Swedish 'Lucia cats' or 'saffron buns' or whatever you want to call them. In Sweden, it's called "Lussekatter" at least! We're always making them before the first of Advent every year. And then, we always need to bake more after a few weeks. We just love them so much!

So, James. Whether we'll celebrate Christmas in England or Sweden in the future - I NEED these, ok? ;)


I had a lovely time in London last week! I really liked it! Big Ben and Westminister Abbey the most.

I spent my days with my friends Lisa and Clara who live there at the moment, and the evenings with James (who worked during the days). It was SO wonderful to see him again!

London was nice. I saw everything I wanted to see, went shopping a bit, had a lot of coffee at Starbucks and Costa, relaxed in the grass in Hyde Park, saw "Phantom of the Opera" (wow!!) with James, enjoyed lovely Covent Garden and lots of other things.

On the Friday, me and James went down to Bournemouth, where he lives. He's got a great, new place which I liked a lot! We went to see the beach, walked around in Bournemouth, watched films and went to the cinema to watch "Tintin". Really, really good. I recommend it!

So. What can I say? Couldn't have wished for a better week! Enjoy the pictures!

(James' picture!)

In Bournemouth: