A lovely day

I had this day off, so I spent it with mum <3. We went to Kungsbacka, to a flea market there, and had lunch and coffee after that! A very, very nice day!

I found these wonderful things:

LOVE the bird!

Tiny vases in ceramic!

And this... listen now. My mum found this light pink band, and told me it was exactly like one she had in her hair when she was 5 or 6 years old! Which means, this must be from the same era! Of course I had to buy it! Where would I found something like this again? :)

And of course we couldn't just avoid popping into the mall in Kungsbacka. So we did, and I couldn't stop myself from buying this adorable jumper (perfect for Christmas!)! And the small cups for "glögg" (called 'mulled wine' in English). Love how the spoons are sticked into the handle!

To summarise it: a lovely day!!

Postat av: Christina

I agree !! Love mum

2011-10-18 @ 22:05:19
Postat av: Olivia

:) <3

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