2011 in pictures

While talking about last year, I might as well let you know in which ways it was wonderful. And speaking of wonderful - the first picture from last year, taken with my camera (not my phone) is this one, from the 2nd of March <3. At James' place (by then) in Southampton.

And actually. The year kinda started for me in March, when I went to Exeter in England, for 12 unforgettable weeks. Totally a memory for life.

March 2011

I went to live in wonderful, lovable Exeter. A life of fun pub nights, hanging out with friends at the language school, going on trips to stunning places like Agatha Christie's summer house. Feeding the swans by the quay, going to crazy costume parties with friends (me as a leopard on the picture) and finding an incredibly welcoming church where I got friends in Christ. (And much, much more)

April 2011

Went to Cheddar to taste, yes of course, cheddar cheese. Also started to love fudge for the first time, in the small town Wells. Got to experience a bit of Wales where I visited three different castles. Started to get used to having lots of different host sisters and brothers. My friend Frida came to visit me, and we both got tattoos in Exeter! Could go to the beach as early as in APRIL (spring arrives earlier in England!). Visited Oxford and fell in love. Simone and Tom had become my best friends, and we helped Simone when she decided to move there.

May 2011

My last month in England. I saw a shark (basking shark) for the first time in my life! Mum and dad came to visit me for a few days. I saw a black swan. Started to count the days, met my lifegroup from church and had fish and chips by the sea. The last week I met lots of friends and my heart ached by the thought of having to leave.

June and July 2011

Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures from these months, because I didn't do much of interest. I worked most of the time, enjoyed the summer and hung out with friends to catch up the last three months.

August 2011

August became a month I'll never forget, because me and James officially became a couple on the 4th!

The other half of the year
passed by as an emotional rollercoaster for me. With James, I was as happy as I can be, without James (those weeks we were apart) my life was miserable.

We're still in a LDR, but I'm trying to get used to saying goodbye. I'm learning to stay happy although I can't be with him when I want to. And the weekends we have together are definitely worth the wait, and they give me wonderful memories to live on during the weeks without him.

I love him so much, and I can't believe that I get to be this lucky. I've experienced love that has brought me to tears of happiness, and that still happens.


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