A new year, a new update!

I'm back. I'm back! :)

It's been 39 days since I wrote something here, and I've kinda missed it in a way, but it's also been very nice to just relax and not having to feel pressure to update it all the time. But now I feel like writing again, and I hope I'll be able to do a good job!

Christmas was great. I love celebrating the best time of the year with my big family, food, Christmas music and a nice atmosphere. The kids are running around waiting for Father Christmas to come (he comes in the afternoon here in Sweden, weird, I know...), and everyone's in a happy mood.

An even more exciting thing that happened in the end of last year, was celebrating New Years abroad for the first time in my life! And in the wonderful city LONDON, with the best person I know. James McEwan. We watched the fireworks of course, and that was incredible. The best New Year's Eve I've had (so far?), defo.

And suddenly it was 2012. Just like that.

It always feels good to enter a new year. A fresh start with lots of new things to look forward to, but also surprises and maybe things I want to know about the future, but that only God knows.

There are a few things that has happened since last year, already.

I'm not longer working at the school as a student's assistant, which is quite a big change. I've gone from having a job, to not have a real job (yet!), but to study! And it's not even at a uni or anything. I'm at my sister-in-law's photo studio, learning to photograph! She's my teacher, and I'm learning by being her assistant, getting different challenging tasks, reading her books and practising! It is so much fun, and I've learnt SO much during my first 2 weeks! Just being there is inspiring! :)

So apart from an inspiring, fun spring ahead of me, I've also planned
- to turn 20 next week! (!!!!!)
- to see Michael Bublé with my friend Clara in Stockholm in April! (second time!!)
- to go to Edinburgh with James and his family in June! (first time in Scotland!)

Doesn't that sound great? And it's only January!

Postat av: Clarah

Iihhhhhhh YAYYYY! <3

Postat av: Christina

I wish you good luck my little darling❤

Love you! Mum

2012-01-20 @ 22:01:48
Postat av: Olivia

Clarah: <3!!

Christina: Thank you, mum!!!

2012-01-24 @ 21:28:00
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