A funny dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. And it was funny, coz everyone, including me spoke English. I was at my old school, in a classroom, 15 years old. And my teacher asked me to read something from a book (everyone had the same). So I started, but I had the sunlight from the window in my eyes, so I stopped quite a lot coz I couldn't see the words. The teacher got upset and said "You always want to be so different, right? Reading in that kind of way!" and then she let someone else read the rest. I interrupted her to explain, but she just accused me for lying.

Later on, we watched a film in the classroom, and I went to the toilet quickly. When I came back (we were sitting in a sofa, only 5 people or something) she said "where is your bracelet?" and I said: "what? I didn't have a bracelet!" she: "Stop lying to me!!"

A few minutes later , she went to the toilet to check, and found a bracelet, came back and said: "liar!". "But that bracelet is NOT mine!" I said. She still thought I was lying, and sat down in the sofa. I argued with her like a typical teenager, but said "Please, please, please Mrs!!!!!!" She then thought I was trying to act older than her and got even more upset. Suddenly, my classmate picked up new socks from her bag, and handed them to the teacher, and then a fiver to me: "here you are, stop arguing now!" The teacher went out of the classroom again, for just a few seconds, and when she came back she said: "it wasn't yours". And of course I knew that, so I told her a million times "I told you so!!!!!!!!!!" and then "can you believe in me now, please?!?!". She just muttered and the dream ended.

Also, in the middle of the dream, I woke up by a sound, and saw that I had knocked down the lamp by my bed! It didn't break, only the lampshade fell off. I must have hit that teacher or something? ;)


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