My weekend in England

I'm now back in Sweden after an awesome weekend in England. It was wonderful to see James again, and really nice to meet his lovely family!

James' parents live in Bognor Regis, so when we'd met at Gatwick train station, we went to stay there for the weekend.

Apart from meeting his parents and brothers, we walked around and James showed me the town.

I also met a few of his friends (very nice people!) at a pub and had a really nice time.

On Sunday, we went back to London where James lives now during his job training. I've never really been to London, so we walked along the Thames, saw London Bridge and Tower Bridge. We didn't have much time before my flight tho, and since it was Sunday, the tube weren't a very good option. So that's what we had time for, and to see his apartment of course. More to see when I'll go and visit again in November!

Not long until he'll come and visit me! Countdown: 11 days! Woho!


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