Go for it!

Supporting and encouraging people. People who, sometimes without even knowing it, gives you the advice you need in the right time. I've experienced that quite a lot recently.

Earlier this year, I applied for a teacher program that would start this autumn. I've thought about becoming a teacher since I was very young, (now and then, not very sure all the time) and decided to try and go for it.

When someone called me and asked about this job that I now have.

I said yes to become a student's assistant for this term, and maybe next one as well, and saw the opportunity to actually work in the school environment and try it out before I actually started studying it. If I started, that is. Because quite quickly after I'd started my new job, I felt I didn't want to become a teacher, although I'd thought I wanted to. The job is great, and I learn a lot from it. It's challenging and something that's good for me now. But I've realised it's not my future job. Such a perfect thing I got this job, so I could try it out, right? :)

And through this time, different people (family, friends, and lots of people that I haven't talked to in years, and people I usually not hang out with) have made me feel more what I want to do. Encouranged me. Made me think outside the box. Made things seem possible. Thanks to them, and thanks to God, who I've prayed to a lot in this.

I want to use my creativity. That's always been my thing, and I should go for what's me. I feel blessed having such nice people around me, and a God who knows me better than anyone else.

She may be young but she only likes old things,
And modern music it ain't to her taste,
She loves the natural light, captured in black and white,
She sees mirages of mountain ranges,
Within a blink of her eyes it changes,
Back to the open plain, oh no she can't explain.

(Monday Morning - Death Cab for Cutie)

Postat av: Clarah

Åååhååå! Ngt speciellt ännu?


Postat av: Olivia

Faktiskt, så är jag väldigt inne på foto :) Du förstår nog varför. Vi är så lika! :)

2011-10-16 @ 00:26:52
URL: http://oliviajohansson.blogg.se/
Postat av: Clarah

Åh HEJA!!!!

2011-10-16 @ 01:06:18
URL: http://Claringen.blogspot.com
Postat av: Olivia

Ja!!! :-) känns spännande! Och eventuellt i England då! :-)

2011-10-16 @ 09:22:11
URL: http://oliviajohansson.blogg.se/
Postat av: clarah

ÅH!!!! mys!!! själv vill jag till USA och fota :)

2011-10-16 @ 12:48:35
URL: http://claringen.blogspot.com
Postat av: Olivia

Wow! :-) häftigt!!

2011-10-16 @ 15:10:52
URL: http://oliviajohansson.blogg.se/

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