8 days since I left England

Time flies, and I have now been in Sweden for 8 days. I can't believe I was in England last week. Travelling is fascinating!

Well, I guess I need to give you an update about what's happened since I came back to Sweden! :)

I've been busy meeting my big family and some of my friends, I've spent lots of time with people in general. Talked about my trip a bit (not showed any pictures yet though - i'll need a whole evening for that!). Other than that, I've enjoyed the beginning of the Swedish summer here. It's been 25-30 degrees every day since I came home, so why should I complain? :) I've also been baking a lot, since I've missed it so much. Muffins and cakes, I crave it!

I've started to watch the series 'Game of Thrones' which I really like. Exciting, thrilling, interesting, unique and gripping. Me and my sister is watching it every evening to catch up on the previous episodes. On Monday, I'll watch the latest episode with my brothers!

What I do miss about England is pub nights, the language (I still think in English, and sometimes some English words slip out of my mouth before I'm even thinking about what I'm saying), the people (both friends and English people in general - so polite and friendly!), and clotted cream. Walking a lot every day (I know I'm able to do it here as well, but it's difficult when there's a car parked outside the house... you get lazy!) and the river in Exeter.

What I appreciate with coming back to Sweden is firstly the food, the Swedish summer, the good quality we have, and the garden outside my house (the garden at my hostfamily was tiny!). I appreciate my village and the town nearby in a new way, and I'm more polite when going to cafés or supermarkets :) And of course I have all the memories to think back on. I have the photos and all the things I bought in England, and obviously, it makes me think back on my adventure in most often a dreamy, happy way!


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