An evening with my loved ones

Tonight, me, my siblings and my sisters-/brother-in-law gathered for a barbecue party (everyone except Maja who's still in England...). We had the most wonderful evening with perfect weather. We ate muffins and had coffee, barbecued and had some more cake. (I made both muffins and a cake for this evening, I really craved it!) The evening ended with dance music/hits from the 80's and 90's. Oh dear, so many laughs! :)

I absolutely LOVE my family, and we always have such a great time together. If my siblings read this: I love you so much!


Sister and brother-in-law!

Two of my adorable nephews and nieces! Ossian and Lisen!

Konrad, Levi, Ossian and Addick are getting ready for some football!

Sisters-in-law and bro!

Levi and Mildred!

Brothers (and Max, nephew)

Levi's getting ready for some singing before we can eat. Very, very important! ;)

Bro, nephew and sis!

Dear brother and sister <3

Postat av: Christina

Vilka underbara bilder!!

2011-06-06 @ 12:29:14

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