Oh happy day

Happiness. Real happiness. This joy. And you should know that while I'm saying this, I have fever and a very sore throat. Still, I'm so happy. Isn't it wonderful?

My plans, as soon as I'm feeling better, are to continue working, going to the Håkan Hellström concert on Friday, and... hopefully, to let my friend Rahel from Switzerland stay here for a few days next week! I really hope she will. Would be great!

I'd love to upload some pictures here now, but our network is really slow at the moment, and I just can't. It will be fixed soon though!

Will be back soon with pictures!

Postat av: clarah

åå jag har en kompis i schweiz...jag ska dit i Augusti! :D

Postat av: Olivia

SÅ kul! Ja, jag läste det! :)

2011-07-12 @ 19:26:01
URL: http://oliviajohansson.blogg.se/

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