I don't know who I am, but I know that I am yours

Yesterday, I went to my first Håkan Hellström concert. I've only liked him for a year, before that, I didn't like him at all. A year ago, I couldn't believe this hysteria around him. I'm not saying that I understand it now either, but I do like his lyrics. He really has the ability to write songs.

We met Cecilia, Fanny and David before the concert!

Despite that my back and legs hurt because of the many hours just standing, waiting, Håkan was really good live. So enthusiastic, so energetic, and the audience was crazy and knew every song. It was like a big party! He didn't play my real favourites tho, but some that I really like. All of his songs were so much better live, and I got some new favourites because of that.

Great eve!


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